Generating Strong Passwords Using /dev/random

Full credit for this command line fu goes to Kevin Goodman and his article with the same name. I highly suggest you read his blog post »

The old Linux IGD

I love me some iptables and I also like having upnp running on my linux box, but the problem is my favorite linux upnp service is »

Centos 6.5, ElRepo kernel, and cpuspeed

I was having problems getting the cpuspeed daemon running after I switched to the ElRepo mainline kernel on CentOS 6.5. It turns out the newer »

Dynamic DHCPD Error: DHCID

If you are running Dynamic DNS with DHCPd you may run into an error formatted like so: Jan 1 00:00:00 localhost dhcpd: Forward map »

Squid Proxy with SSL Bump

The squid proxy is an amazingly powerful web proxy that can be used from anything to captive portals, redirection, user authentification, logging, and so on; but »